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Golf Netting Differences

What is the difference between this golf barrier netting—Driving-Range-Barrier-Nettingand the custom # 18 or #36 netting? Thanks, Mike ————————————————— Hi Mike, Thanks for inquiring about our netting. The main differences between the Cimarron 25′ x 150′ Golf Course/Driving Range Barrier Netting—Driving-Range-Barrier-Nettingand our #18 & #36 options are that the 25′ x 150′ net [...]

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Net Shield

Hi, I’m looking for a product to help deaden the net so balls don’t hit my walls. Do you have something? Thanks, Jason ————————————————— Hi Jason, Thanks for contacting us. We have a product called Net Shield that used exactly for that used. This is a heavy duty vinly product that will help your net [...]

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Netting Arriving Before Christmas

Hi, I’m looking at getting a net before Christmas, what is the latest we can order? Thanks, Kenny ————————————————— Hi Kenny, Thanks for contacting us about the netting. It depends on if you were looking for a stock size net or a custom size net. With our stock size nets, I would recommend ordering at [...]

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Roller Wheels for Divider Net

Hi, We previously purchased a Shellcage with a single divider. We want to purchase some roller wheels so the divider can slide. What do you have that would work? Thanks, Charles ————————————————— Hi Charles, Thanks for contacting us about your ShellCage. There’s a couple different options you can use for the rollers. First, it will [...]

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Threaded Rod Bracket Dimensions

Hi, I’m going to purchase some of your threaded rod brackets but need to get some dimensions so we can make sure we’re ready to have them installed when they arrive. I need to know the total height with the bracket and the hole diameter size. Please provide that info. Thanks, Jeff ————————————————— Hi Jeff, [...]

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36 oz Nylon Turf Shipping Timeline

Hi, I’ve been looking at the turf on your website and we’ve decided to go with the Triple-Crown Nylon 36 oz. How quickly can that turf ship? Thanks, Stephen ————————————————— Hi Stephen, The Turf360 – 36 oz Nylon – Triple-Crown Turf can ship within 2-3 business days plus the transit time which will depend on [...]

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Gym Curtain Vinyl to Mesh Ratio

We’re looking to purchase a sliding gym curtain at our local YMCA. I see there’s usually a vinyl bottom on these curtains. Is there a certain height on that vinyl? If not, what height would you recommend? Thanks, Mikela ————————————————— Hi Mikela, Thanks for contacting us about the Manual Sliding Gym Curtain. There is not [...]

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Drop Line Length for Wall to Wall CurtainCage

I just had a question on the drop line for a CurtainCage. We already have a net which is 15′h, if we have our horizontal cable lines at 18′ how long of drop lines should we purchase? Thanks, Jarrett ————————————————— Hi Jarrett, Thanks for contacting us. With any net you want to keep at least [...]

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High Detailed Inlaid Logos on Turf

Hi, I need 2 on deck circles for a minor league ballpark with some of our sponsors logos on them. There is some pretty fine detail on these and haven’t had luck finding a company that can make inlaid logos with high detail. I’ve attached the logo and wondered if that’s something you can create. [...]

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Digital Print on WindScreens

I’m purchasing a windscreen for your high school baseball field. We’re looking at having a logo put over the entire panel 6′H x 50′L. Can you guys do this? Thanks, Greg ————————————————— Hi Greg, Yes, we can certainly put a logo over an entire panel. We have two different options. We can use a Fence [...]

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