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Turf360 - 69 oz Poly / Nylon - SportScape V - Sports Field Turf (per Square Foot)

Your Price: $2.50 / Sq Ft


240 square feet minimum // Volume Discounts Available [3-4 week lead-time]

69 oz Artificial Sports Field Turf - SportScape V: (Poly Blade / Nylon Thatch)


A revolution in the sports turf world. Finally - a product with the BENEFITS of an in-fill, without the HEADACHES! This new product by Turf360 is what indoor training facilities have been waiting for.

A truly awesome artificial field turf - easy on the knees, with a "non burn" Poly face, and heavy-duty built-in Nylon blades in the base for shock absorption. Gone are the days of a maintenance nightmare in-fill product.

Here's what you can avoid with this product - while maintaining a "field turf" feel:

  • NO tractor with commercial spreaders for the rubber.
  • NO weekly grooming & re-application of rubber beads.
  • NO concern of rubber contamination with bacteria & sweaty mildew smell.
  • NO mess to sweep up throughout your facility every day!

All weather Poly long-blade with heavy-duty Nylon tufted / in-laid into base - results in a low-maintenance (minimal grooming to "fluff" over the years) with all the benefits of a "field turf" fill application.

Quick Facts:

  • Rubber Cleat-resistant (will withstand some steel spike traffic due to turf tufted into base)
  • UV-Inhibitors
  • Face constructed with a non-abrasive / 69 oz. 100% Polyethylene blade, with 100% DuPont Nylon in-laid into base for durability
  • Total approx height: 1-1/4" // Total approx height with 5 mm Pad: 1-1/2"
  • 22 oz urethane backing (drilled for drainage) OR Foam Shock Pad
  • Width of Turf Rolls: 12' or 15'
  • Length: Unlimited (20'L roll minimum)

Is the foam pad required?

This product has very good impact absorption even without the foam pad, and works great for casual impact / agility training, such as batting cages, baseball fields, lacrosse, cricket, and light-duty soccer use.

If high impact is expected and the potential for young children falling & hitting their heads, it's highly recommended to use the foam pad option for maximum shock absorption.


  • Rubber Cleat resistant (will withstand casual steel spike traffic due to Nylon tufted into base)
  • Long blade / soft face creates realistic "outdoor grass" look & feel
  • Woven Nylon infill - creates cushion & durability
  • High abrasion-resistance
  • Thick face creates good shock absorption during running
  • Will not cause bad burns when sliding
  • Great for indoor agility training, batting cages, football or soccer fields / indoor or out
  • Excellent price value


  • May flatten down in high-wear areas over time (Nylon maintains shape better than Poly)

Overall Value Ratings (1-5):

  • Durability (harsh conditions): 4.8/5
  • Versatility: 4.9/5
  • Shock absorption: 4.9/5 (with foam)
  • Price Value: 5/5

Final Score: 4.9 / 5.0

How can I install this sports field turf?

For low impact applications, turf can be "loose laid" and work just fine. The longer & heavier roll, the better it will stay in place under traffic. The padded option is naturally heavier and will stay in place better than the un-padded option.

The best method is using glue along the edges and seams, or a full glue for a more permanent / heavy-duty foot-traffic application.

Velcro can also be used. Velcro has a "hook" side and a "loop" side. Our padded version of this product is backed with a fuzzy 'scrim' which will act as a loop to attach to the hook side of a velcro strip. Simply place a long section of velcro on the floor at the seam point, and the rolls adhere to the velcro. The un-padded option would require a velcro loop strip to be glued to the back of the roll, and a hook strip placed on the floor.

How to Order (multiply L x W):
Enter your total square footage in the Qty box above to check-out. This turf is available in BOTH 12 or 15 ft wide rolls.

Example) If your area is 100' x 12', you would need 1,200 sq ft. If your area is 100' x 15', you would need 1,500 sq ft.

*We are not able to cut down the width of this turf, but this is an easy step on the job-site with a utility blade / box cutter. TIP: cut from the back-side, use a laser & chalk-line for precision.

What Customers Are Saying...

We got the replacement net and installed fits great! Thank you for the quick turn around.

John Pilatos - President, West Grove Softball

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Thanks a bunch for your personal assistance; that separated you from the other web sites.

Tim Hennessey, Site Business Manager - Chevron - Nigeria

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