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nCage - Pro Model Hardware System only - Double-Lane (6 pole up to 75'L x 30'W)

Your Price: $1850.00

Pro-Model Hardware System only (for use with 6 pole system, cage up to 75'L x 30'W with common divider curtain)

  • (11) 77'L Rolls 1/4" Galvanized Cable (Top, curtain, bottom linear, & bridge anchor lines)
  • (4) 16'L Rolls 1/8" Galvanized Cable (Top End Cross Lines)
  • (2) 32'L Rolls 1/8" Galvanized Cable (Bottom End Cross Lines)
  • (6) 9" x 5/8" Galvanized Turnbuckles (For top lines)
  • (2) 9" x 5/8" Galvanized Turnbuckles (For bottom linears)
  • (9) 6" x 1/2" Galvanized Turnbuckles (For top end cross lines, bottom cross lines, & top bridge lines)
  • (60) 1/4" Cable Clamps
  • (30) 3/16" Cable Clamps
  • (210) Steel snaps (Attaching every 2' for 70'L net)
  • (2) Bags Anchor rings (For bottom anchor lines)
  • (1) Anchor-Ring Pliers
  • (8) Easy-Adjust Single-Tab Anchor Plates - no drilling required (For top, cross, & bottom lines)
  • (2) Easy-Adjust Double-Tab Anchor Plates - no drilling required (For center ceiling & curtain line)
  • (6) Black PVC Top Caps for 6-5/8" Poles

*Winch & pulley system not included in this list - add via drop-down box above

Optional Items (sold separately):

Winch System: Never climb ladders again to remove net for off-season! Also makes net maintenance simple.

  • Worm-gear Winch with Bracket
  • Pulleys & Mounting Brackets
  • Drill adapter (motorizes winch using house-hold electric drill)

*Turn-buckles & Bridge System removed from above parts list if Winch System ordered (factored out of winch price)

Commonly ordered Net Specs:

  • 70'L x 28'W x 14'H
  • 70'L x 24'W x 12'H
  • 60'L x 28'W x 16'H
  • Other Sizes available - receive instant quote here

25-year warranty on Hardware System :: Ships within approximately 1 week

What Customers Are Saying...

Your service and attention to detail goes far beyond what you normally receive from other companys in todays market place. Also, just thought I would let you know, the hack attack is AWESOME! The girls love it! It's a very well built, nice and compac...

Coach Derek Hill - Cal Creed 14U Girls FastPitch Softball

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I purchased a custom batting cage net from Pratice Sports 1 year ago. This outside net has been used by both our softball and baseball allstar teams throughout the year.(Southern California based) One year in, the net has been great with no issu...

Coach Keith

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