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What if my net is shorter, taller, or not as wide as these frames?
  • If your net is shorter than 12', you can simply insert the frame legs an extra couple feet, or use longer drop-chains to accommodate.
  • If your net is taller than 12', you can simply allow the extra net to hang on the ground, which is recommended to reduce tension and reduce ball roll-out.
  • If your net is less than 14' wide, no problem - the net is hung on the inside of the frame sections, so you will only need to extend the tie-offs from the frame to the net, to compensate. This also reduces the opportunity for balls ricocheting off the frame & hitting the batter or pitcher.
  • If your net is wider than 14', you can also make this work, but you may need to "baffle" the upright poles with pads or vinyl screens, to prevent ball ricochet.

*We can also extend the length of the poles as needed to accommodate just about any size net.

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