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Baseball & Softball Pitching Mounds

Portable pitching mounds are becoming increasingly popular from Little League to College & even Pro Players for off-season training, due to the low maintenance & portability. Developing & maintaining a dirt mound year after year can become very costly, not to mention inaccurate, resulting in improper training & a potential safety hazard.

A portable mound can easily "pay for itself" after only a few seasons of use, and can even be used as a "multi-tasker mound" for multiple fields if needed.

The keys to consider when shopping for a portable pitching mound are:

Practice / Bullpen Mound:

  • Include 90 degree angle edges - designed for straight-ahead pitching practice only - cheaper than "game mounds".

Game Mound:

  • Include tapered edges, to allow the mound to lie flush with the ground. Creates safe environment during game conditions, such as pick-off moves, players running across mound to catch pop-flys, etc. More expensive than "practice mounds".

Youth Mound:

  • Typically include rubber height of 6" or less - a fairly common youth regulation.

High-school / Collegiate/Pro-level Mound:

  • Include rubber height of 10" - a high-school, college, & pro regulation.


  • The rubber height is measured from a level ground surface to the top of the rubber.
  • Also pay attention to the length & width when shopping for a mound.
  • Longer mounds are more suitable for taller players with longer strides - don't end up with a mound your player will outgrow & won't allow them to simulate a game condition.
  • The width is important to allow players to practice the wind-up from all sides of the rubber.
  • Pack dirt around edges of mound to help conform to the ground & create a more flush playing area.

Lite Flite Pitching Machine
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Softball Pitching Machine
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BP 2 Baseball Pitching Machine
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