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Used Turf

Used Turf - Removed June 2017 - Now Available to Ship


**7,500 sq ft MINIMUM ORDER (10 rolls at 50 ft x 15 ft)**

60,000 sq ft+
Cost: $.85 / square foot with FREE Shipping to Commercial Address

30,000 - 59,999 sq ft+
Cost: $.95 / square foot with FREE Shipping to Commercial Address

15,000 - 29,999 sq ft
Cost: $1.05 / square foot with FREE Shipping to Commercial Address

7,500 - 14,999 sq ft
Cost: $1.15 / square foot with FREE Shipping to Commercial Address


  • Premium Grade Soccer Turf
  • Being replaced well in advance of life-span for Junior Soccer World Cup
  • Minimal Lines
  • 2-1/4" Tall
  • 48 ounce face weight
  • Roll Sizes: 50'L x 15'W
  • Approx weight: 2,500 lbs each
  • Including 1-2 lbs of rubber inflll per square foot


Customer is responsible for OFF-LOADING
2,500 lbs per roll
Residential shipping not available

How to calculate your price:
Each roll is 50' x 15' or 750 square feet. No roll cuts available.
Determine your required square footage, and multiply by the pricing to the right.


Contact Us Today to place your pre-order. 50% deposit required to secure turf.

Used Turf - The Cost Effective Solution

Facilities across the country enjoy the cost effective benefits of used turf in a wide variety of applications, including practice fields, batting cages, baseball academies, basements and backyards.

Why Used Turf From Practice Sports?

Used Turf Close Up
Typical used turf sample
  • We Remove the Fill
    Most rubber fill has been removed - some will remain in the turf.
  • Flat Shipping Rate
    The best deal in the industry. Freight costs on used turf can be prohibitive, so we simplify this with an inexpensive flat rate of $200 / $250 for Commercial / Residential respectively. All freight shipping is considered "curb-side" delivery, which means the receiver is responsible for unloading.
  • Good Quality
    Our used turf is all good quality material, with several years of remaining life-span.

What You Need to Know About Used Turf

We never sell turf that's not still usable, but you should be informed about the limitations of used turf. For more information about the process of where used turf comes from, check out our Turf Removal page.

Used Turf Roll
Typical used turf rolled and ready to go
  • Used Turf May Have Lines & Logos
    Used turf is generally sourced from football, soccer and baseball fields that have been pre-lined. This means that the turf your purchase MAY have lines and team logos.
  • Turf May Not Be Consecutive Rolls
    Only complete field purchases will have consecutive lines & numbers. Contact us for more info on Full Used Turf Field Packages.
  • All Sales Are Final
    All used turf is sold as-is and all sales are final. Contact us for a turf sample.


Can't Get Shipping Price on Turf on Website

Hi, I added some turf to my cart on your website but I can't get a shipping quote. Just wanted to see if you could help me out. Brett --------------------------------------------------- Hi Brett, Thanks for contacting us about the turf. Some turf products on our website can't be calculated because they have to ship freight and unfortunately our system can't accurately give the cost. Please let me know the turf you wanted, the square footage and the zip code where it's shipping and if it's a commercial or residential address and I can email a quote with the freight...

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Used Turf August 2017

Just wanted to see what you have available for used turf Tony --------------------------------------------------- Hi Tony, Thanks for contacting us about the used turf. We do currently have used turf. The rolls are available in 50'L x 15'W Rolls and a minimum purchase of 7,500 sq ft if required. Here is the breakdown of pricing and greater discounts for larger square foot purchases: 60,000 sq ft+ Cost: $.85 / square foot with FREE Shipping to Commercial Address 30,000 - 59,999 sq ft+ Cost: $.95 / square foot with FREE Shipping to Commercial Address 15,000 - 29,999 sq ft Cost: $1.05 / square foot with FREE Shipping to...

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